When can I use the Scooters?

Our scooters are available every day of the year and can be picked from the Hala station from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

  • How do I find the scooters?

    You can see the available scooters through the map that you will find in the HALA Mobility app.

  • How do I reserve a scooter? How much time do I have to reserve?

    When you have identified the nearest scooter, click on it and press "Book", you will have 15 minutes to start your trip. If after 15 minutes you have not started the service, the reservation will be canceled and you will be charged a booking fee for the same.

  • How do I turn on the scooter?

    When you are next to the scooter, press the "Unlock" button on the app to turn it on. On the right handle bear, near below the throttle, Switch the gear from 1 to 3 (1 is the least speed and highest range, mode3 is gives you the highest performance and the range drops as the battery is discharging at a high rate to give you max performance). Now, Accelerate and drive, remember that you should use the rear wheel brake to safely slow down.

  • Where can I ride?

    You can ride with a scooter anywhere in the city:

    1. Remember that it is forbidden to drive on sidewalks and other spaces reserved for pedestrians.

    2. You can ride a scooter on bike lanes, bike tracks, integrated roads, respecting the pedestrian's priority. 3. When traveling through these areas remember to go through the central part of the lane. Pay attention that there is no specific signage prohibiting it in areas such as tunnels or specific streets.

  • Is the use of the helmet mandatory?

    Yes, users have to wear Helmets while riding Hala scooter.

  • Can you take co riders?

    yes, 2 people can easily commute on the scooter. (Except for single seater kick scooter)

  • Can another person use the scooter with my user?

    No, with your user you are only authorized to use the scooter. In the event that another person starts the trip with your account, the corresponding penalty contemplated in our “ Terms and Conditions of Use ” will apply .

  • Am I covered by insurance?

    Yes, the insurance covers the scooter and the rider (In case of permanent disability or death arising due to accident).

  • Where can I park the scooter?

    You can park the scooter in the places allowed by the corresponding parking ordinance, remember that you cannot park it in underground parking lots.

  • Can I pause during the trip?

    Yes, and in any area. To pause, park the scooter correctly and press the "Pause" button in the application, so the scooter will remain reserved until you want to resume your trip, remember that this pause will be charged according to the standard rate per minute. In the beta test phase (temporary limited free) you can pause for a maximum time of 15 minutes.

  • How did the trip end?

    When you have arrived at your destination, make sure that you are in a permitted parking area and in the delimited area, otherwise the app will not let you finish your trip.

    1. Put the side stand.

    2. Access the application and end the trip. If you don't end the trip, you will be charged from the security deposit.

  • What do I do if I identify any damage or failure in the scooter?

    If you see that the scooter has any damage or does not work properly, please let us know about our Customer Service Center by calling toll free +91 8340088880. Alternatively, You can also use the app to report an incident.

  • Can I drive in case of traffic restrictions due to contamination?

    Of course. Our scooters are electric and do not pollute. With them you can move around the city taking care of the environment in a clean and sustainable way.

  • Can I ride in the APR areas “Residential Priority Areas”?

    Yes, you can circulate in these areas, always respecting the rules of circulation of scooters.

  • What happens if my cell phone runs out of battery?

    Make sure your cell phone always has a battery to start and end the journey.

    In the event that you are about to run out of battery, you should contact us on +91 8340088880.

  • Can I use my vehicle outside the authorized area (even if I park inside)?

    This is the operative area available. It's strictly forbidden to drive or park outside this area since you can be facing a 500 Rs. fee. Little by little we will be expanding the zone in which HALA operates. In the case you wanted to exit the zone for an exceptional reason, please contact us through the chat before starting your ride.

  • Is there a max or min limit of minutes or kilometers in a same ride?

    There is no limit in your riding, you pay per minute ridden, that’s all!

  • Which is the maximum speed?

    The maximum speed a HALA vehicle can reach is 50 km/h. Enough to go around the city since it is the maximum allowed!

  • Has HALA the power to climb some slopes in the city?

    The vehicles can go up any slope in the city. The only inconvenience that may appear is a speed reduction or a larger use of the battery than in a flat area, which could increase more if there is a passenger behind.

  • Can I use the bicycle lane?

    Even if you have the feeling of flying with HALA and they are super quiet, this lane is exclusive for bicycles and vehicles without engines (even if this is electric).

  • Can I carry another person on my HALA?

    HALA allows to carry an extra passenger on their vehicles. So bring your mom, or your dad, or your friend, or your cousin, or you grandpa, there is space for everybody!

  • Can another person ride with my account?

    No, the HALA account is unipersonal and non-transferrable since it is associated to a personal insurance. If it is used by other people, this insurance is nullified and the risk is involved.

  • Can I use the app when I am in the middle of a session?

    Only if you want to end the booking, since it is the next step in a HALA session.

  • Do the vehicles have GPS or can I use mine?

    They do not have incorporated GPS, but you can leave the app in the background during your ride and use an app for it; it can be Google Maps.

  • Can I drive during the night?

    For monthly/weekly bookings a user can drive during night. In pay per minute model, HALA is available only from 6 AM to 9 PM.

After the trip

  • Where can I park?

    You should park the vehicles at hala stations in case of weekly/mothly rentals. When we are live with pay per minute, the vehicle can be parked at parking spots shown in Hala App. In case you park on the pavement you can only do so if you respect the following rules:

    - 50 centimeter distance to the road

    • - 2 meter distance from pedestrian crossings or public transport stops

    • - Between trees, if there are any, but not further away

    • - Park parallel to the road, if the pavement or way is 3 to 6 meter wide

    • - Park in an angle if the pavement or way is more than 6 meter wide.

    • - Between trees, if there are any, but not further away

    • - Once the vehicle is parked, get down, put the vehicle back on the stand and stop the engine from the app.

    • - In any case, leave a free 3 meter space for pedestrians.

  • How do I finish my session?

    When you arrive at your destination and park the vehicle, press STOP TRIP. The vehicle will be off then. Click FINALIZE RIDE to end your session and leave the vehicle free for the next user. We would love you to evaluate your general impression of the service at the end of your ride.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery has a capacity for over 100 kilometers. Do not worry, we always make sure you will have enough battery for your ride. Any vehicle with a low battery level is directly not available to book and we will change it as soon as possible.

  • How do I make sure there is enough battery?

    We do follow up the real autonomy left and you cannot book any vehicle with a battery level lower than 15% . Besides, the team can change it in less than an hour, ensuring you always have enough battery capacity for your ride (lowest battery level = 16% = 8 kms).

  • Can I charge the battery myself?

    A part of our team takes care that all the batteries are full enough, so this is a job that we are responsible for. No need for you to worry! Just enjoy the ride!

  • How I update/change my details?

    In the App there is a tab called ‘Edit Profile’ from which you can change either your personal data or your credit card number.

  • How can I delete my account?

    If you want to unsubscribe the service you must communicate it to us through the chat in the app and we will manage it ourselves; very simple! We truly appreciate your opinion, so we will ask you the reason of your goodbye. Do not worry, we will not investigate!


  1. Do I have to pay a registration fee?

    No, registration is free.

  2. Do I have to pay a security deposit. Yes, security deposit has to be paid to Hala before taking any of our scooters on rentals. Security Deposit is fully refundable once the scooter is returned to us without any damages (Except wear and tear). The security deposit will be refunded within 5 working days from the day the scooter is returned.

  3. How much does it cost to use scooters?

    The rental fee starts from INR 2300 to INR 5500 per month (varies depending on the Vehicle variant)

  4. Can there be additional charges?

    Additional charges may only be made in the event that you commit any infraction or are the cause of any damage to the scooter or in case of violation of traffic or terms of usage.

  5. How do you count the minutes ridden? (For pay per minute)

    The computing starts when you press the button START ENGINE until you press the button FINALIZE SESSION. Moreover all rides below 2 minutes will not be invoiced. When we count the amount due for your ride, we also take into account the credit of minutes you have left.

  6. How can I get discounts or free minutes?

    To ride HALA for free, accumulating minutes in your credit is super easy! The best option is to refer the service to a friend or family and make them register through your personal link that you will find in the tab ‘Ride For Free/Referral’ in your profile. It’s very easy to send it through Whatsapp, Facebook or email. For every new friend that registers with your link you will receive 30 minutes for free directly credited in your account (varies as per running promotional offers)and your friend 15 minutes! Plus every now and then have special promotions that you can discover through our social media. Follow us!

  7. How do I pay?

    The payment method is through upi/credit/debit card, wallets that you have to introduce during the registration. Just entering it the first time is enough and we will charge you for every ride/rental that you request.

  8. Must the card be at my name?

    It is not needed that the card is at your name, it can be from a familiar or a company.

  9. Can several users use the same card?


  10. Do you accept foreign cards?

    Yes, as long as it is valid in India.

  11. Is the online payment safe?

    Yes!. On HALA side, we do not store any bank information since all transactions are secured through the system. All connection and transactions are SSL secured.

  12. Can I have a bill for my rides?

    For sure! You will only have to send us an email or contact us through the chat in the app with your tax information. At the end of the month we will send you the monthly invoice.

  13. Is the GST included or is it payed aside?

    The charge of the GST is included. We also specify it in the receipts after each ride so you do not receive surprises for extra expenses.

  14. Does a corporate plan exist?

    We are working on it as one of our new projects. We will keep you updated.

In case of an accident

  1. How do I contact HALA in case of an accident?

    Your safety is very important to us, so we advise you to call an ambulance/emergency services to receive first-aid in case of injuries, alternatively you can reach out to us for help on our Customer Service number +91 8340088880.

  2. Does anyone assist me in case of an accident?

    Yes, when you contact Customer Service they will guide you and send someone to the accident site.

  3. What do I do if the motorcycle has been damaged?

    Call the toll-free number of our Customer Service +918340088880 and an operator will travel to the accident site to assist you.

  4. What are my responsibilities if I am guilty of the accident?

    In case of damage to the motorcycle, the responsibility of the user will be from the insurance coverage that is excess, as long as the motorcycle has been used according to the contract and the damage has been notified without undue delay.

What if??

  1. What if it rains or the weather conditions are not good enough?

    In these cases, we recommend to maximize the precautions to avoid accidents since the risk level increases because the road is slippery and the vehicle loses adherence and stability. Some advices for these situations would be to reduce speed, to stop in advance, to use reflecting clothing, to avoid puddles or pools and lines drawn on roads or metal sheets. The service does not stop for weather reasons in any case and the electric system is waterproof.

  2. What happens if I commit a violation and get fined?

    From the moment you start the trip with the scooter until another user uses it, you are responsible for the infractions committed, including those caused by bad parking.

  3. What if I have an accident?

    In case of accident, contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you. Call us at: +91 9963243567. You will have to fill out an accident report carefully; you will find a blank document in the top case. You can also use the ones that other persons involved in the accident may have.

  4. What if I receive a traffic ticket?

    You are responsible for traffic tickets, either during the ride or related to parking. Please, drive carefully and check the park rules to avoid tickets. (After the ride, question 1).

  5. What if my vehicle malfunctions while I am using it or I find some damage?

    Before pressing START ENGINE, if you notice any damage or problem with the vehicle, the top case or the service in general, please let us know through the chat of the app. If the problem comes up during the session, notify us too through the chat.

  6. What if my vehicle is robbed?

    If this was the case, contact us as soon as possible through our chat. We will find the thieves of our little ones!

  7. What if I run out of battery on my vehicle?

    Our Ranger Team is in charge to change the batteries and will not let you ride a vehicle with low battery. Even if you notice that your vehicle is slower than usual, you will always have the chance to finalize your session.

  8. What if my phone battery ends and I cannot finalize my session?

    It is always very important to check your battery before using HALA. Your smartphone is the key, there is no other option to start, stop and finalize the session. But if you find yourself in this kind of situation, the only thing left to do is to borrow a phone and log in your account in the app to finalize the session.

  9. What if I am only in Hyderabad for a limited time and I want to use HALA?

    No problem! Create your account, enjoy Hyderabad with HALA and we will deactivate your account once you leave and notified you through the chat.

  10. What if there are no vehicles nearby?

    Our team takes care of a well balanced repartition of the vehicles so that there is no accumulation or lack of them in some areas. If even so there is not a vehicle nearby… activate your radar! We will notify you if any vehicle arrives in your area in the next 15 minutes.

  11. What if I have any other question, problem or I want to know more about the service?

    We tried to answer the most frequent questions of our users, but if you still have doubts you can contact us through the chat of the app, by email to hello@halamobility.in or by WhatsApp at +91 9963243567, and we will be delighted to help you. We can even include your question in this section! Learn more about our terms and conditions:

  12. You have more questions?

    If you have another question and have not found answers in the FAQs, please contact us through the toll-free number +91 8340088880 or email hello@halamobility.in .

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