Hala Mobility
Fee Policy


Rental Fee: Rentals is a pre paid service and is charged on a daily/weekly/monthly basis based on the vehicle variant (INR 2300 to 5500 per month). The scooter rental includes Insurance and basic wear and tear of the tires, brake shoe and brake pads.
Security Deposit: Security deposit equivalent to the advance monthly rentals have to be paid in advance. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the scooter rental tenure if there are no damages to the scooter. If there are any damages to the scooter, the money will be deducted from the security deposit (Price details on damages in the table below)and if the damages exceed are more than the security deposit, the balance amount has to be paid.


For rides: once the vehicle is booked and used, there is no way one can cancell it unless there is some issue in the scooter and this cancellation will be done by a request made to support team.
For rentals: Users can cancel their subscription when ever needed. the bill for that particular month will be calculated pro rata basis and the scooter will be inspected for any damages. Once a approval comes through, the deposit amount will be refunded with 5-7 working days.


For rides: Due to any unseen situation scooter not being funcytional or scooter having issues, the amount will be refunded as per the verification by the support team. for rides, payment will be refunded to the virtual wallet in the hala app and can be used in their future rides.
For rentals: In case of the rental period is done, the inspecytion will be carried and refund of the security depsoit will be made after any deductions to the source account within 5-7 working days. in case of a cancellation, the rent will be calculated pro rate basis and refunded to the source account after needed inspections are done
Table of damages and penalties
AMOUNTS (As on 15-04-2021)
front light
₹ 500
Rear headlight
₹ 500
Handlebar trim
₹ 200
₹ 200
Front fender
₹ 200
Rear fender
₹ 200
Right brake lever
₹ 100
Left brake lever
₹ 100
Left rear view mirror
₹ 200
Right rearview mirror
₹ 200
Centre stand
₹ 500
License plate and light rear support
₹ 500
Broken or missing license plate
₹ 1000
₹ 2000
₹ 35000
₹ 30000
Trunk button
₹ 500
₹ 500
Leg cover blanket
₹ 500

Insurance conditions

Note: Insurance is not covered for the battery when it is removed from the scooter and charged. So it is advised to all users that the battery should not be removed from the scooter for charging, it has to be in the scooter and charged.
The Motorcycle has insurance among which are the following coverage:
  • 1. Civil liability of mandatory subscription.
  • 2. Voluntary civil liability. Maximum limit 1,00,000.- Rupees per claim.
  • 3. Legal Protection. Damage Defense and Claim. Maximum limit ₹ 30000
  • 4. Driver and occupant accidents. The maximum capital limits for this guarantee are:
    • to. Death: ₹ 50,000.- per victim
    • b. Permanent Disability: ₹ 50,000.- per victim.
In addition, the User's responsibility for motorcycle damage is limited and corresponds to all-risk coverage, with partial franchise coverage as provided in the following clauses. Only the authorized User can benefit from the coverage of the damages to the vehicle.
In the event that the Motorcycle is damaged while it is used by the User or if the User causes damage, it will be liable up to ₹ 10000 Insurance.
Both the aforementioned insurance and the aforementioned limitation of liability will be subject to the policy and to the general conditions regarding compulsory motor vehicle insurance provided for in the Insurance Contract Law and to the General and Private Condition that Hala Mobility has agreed with the Insurer .
In the event that the User breaches any obligation provided in the Insurance Contract Law and this results in the exemption of payment from the insurer, the planned insurance coverage will not apply. In this case, the limitation of liability to the franchise will not apply.
Insurance coverage will not apply if damages are caused deliberately.
In the event that the damage is caused by gross negligence, the User will be liable to Hala Mobility in accordance with the Insurance Contract Law. In case of damage to a Vehicle, the responsibility of the User is limited to the amount of the agreed franchise if the Motorcycle has been used in accordance with the contract and the damage has been notified without undue delay. The limitation of liability to the amount of the agreed franchise will not apply when the User causes mechanical damage due to a driving failure, due to serious or intentional negligence.